6th-12th Grade

4:12 exists to Reach nonbelieving students, build Community with other followers of Jesus, help them Grow deeper in their faith, Equip them for ministry, and to help them to radically Serve God for the rest of their life.


Meets Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 in the 4:12 room at CATG.


Meets Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 in the 4:12 room at CATG.

Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.
-1 Timothy 4:12

Parent Resources:

Here are helpful resources for you to use as you disciple your students in the way of Jesus.

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What does a night at 4:12 look like?

Most nights consist of games, a teaching on the Way of Jesus and Bible, and small groups where leaders are able to talk about life, Jesus and pray with groups of students. 

What are the values of 4:12?

At 4:12 We have three major values.

First is to teach students solid theology about God, the Bible, and humanity. 

Second, is to address current cultural issues that they face in school and give them a biblical framework for how to follow Jesus when culture tells another story.

Third, is to create space for students to build community with each other and leaders. Students need a place and a group that are for them and their relationship with Jesus.

How does drop-off/pick-up work?

We meet upstairs in the 4:12 room. Parents can drop off their students anytime after 6:15pm and pick up them back up 8:30-8:45.

If it is your first time, feel free to come in and meet the leaders!

Who are the volunteers that are leading at 4:12?

The 4:12 leadership team is comprised of Church at the Gates members who are committed to investing in the lives of students. Leaders are typically young adults their 20s and 30s who love Jesus and students. To ensure the well-being of our students, each leader has completed an application, interview, background check, and training. They have answered questions about their testimony, family, personality, and current relationship with the God, as well as any history of exposure to abuse, alcohol, or drugs. Our leaders spend time each year learning about what students encounter in school and current culture and how to teach students the way of Jesus through this.

Other then regular 4:12, are there other events?

Yes! Throughout the year we have events for high school and middle school to build community follow our 4:12 Facebook or instagram page for updates.

What role do parents play in 4:12?

At CATG we are champions of the family. We believe that parents are the primary disciplers of their children, home is the primary place to make disciples, and a biblically based home is the most important component of a healthy society. At 4:12 it is our mission to support and affirm that foundation with a team of non-parental, committed adults who will be voices of truth and encouragement working with the efforts of parents. The best thing parents can do is to connect with and invest in their student’s leaders. Invite them into your family and include them as a trusted partner in your parenting adventure.

Can my Student bring friends who are not Christian?

At 4:12 we welcome and are are pumped for each student that comes! At CATG we want to love those near to us but far from God. A great way to do that is fro students to bring friends to 4:12 where they can hear teaching about Jesus and experience his love through our people.