4:12 Leader Resources

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Resource guides:

Life Teams – Life Teams has printable references and videos on topics from depression to LGBTQ+.

Culture Translator – This is a great tool that emails you once a week with what is going on in youth culture, questions to ask, and how to turn them into biblical conversations. 

Youth Worker Blogs

Problem of Pornography

Teaching Students to Read the Bible

Expanding Evangelism

Grief + Loss

Championing Compassion + Justice

Christian Response to Hunger

Teen Slang

Cell Phones


General Podcasts:

Understanding the teenage brain and how to guide them: Rethinking Youth Ministry EP 018

Imaging God: Equipping Podcast

Creating a safe place for students to wrestle with faith and teaching them to lead in small groups: Youth Workers Podcast 048.

What questions should you ask students: Youth Workers Podcast 046. 

What do great youth workers do to pass along the faith to the next generation: Youth Workers Podcast 043. 

Right Now Media: (if you need a login let me know!)

4 Core Responsibilities of a Youth Leader.-Youth Worker Community: four pillars of 4:12, Engage, Play, Guide, and Pray. 

10 Essentials for Youth Workers – Youth Worker Community: How to lead a small group to helping teens in crisis. 


Specific podcasts:

How to Pray with Students: Youth Workers Podcast 003.

How to help students who are hurting: Youth Workers Podcast 005.

What if our students hate small Groups?: Youth Workers Podcast 006.

Helping students struggling with Porn: Youth Workers Podcast 007.

Reading the Bible: Youth Workers Podcast 009.

When you don’t see growth in students: Youth Workers Podcast 010.

Self Harm: Youth Workers Podcast 011.

Bullying: Youth Workers Podcast – 2 parts 028 & 029.

Students Acting out at group: Youth Workers Podcast – 2 parts 052 & 053.

How do you love the difficult students: Youth Workers Podcast 042. 

How do you support students after graduation: Youth Workers Podcast 041. 

Resources to do with students or give to parents:

Mental Health – Video series on Anxiety, depression, and suicide. 

Social Media – Video series on the effects of social media.

Other Conversation kits

Parent Guides – Cell phones, Porn, and bullying to name a few. If a parent ever looking for info these are great.


We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s Good News but our own lives, too. 

-1 Thessalonians 2:8