5000 Meals & Moments

We love our neighbors! Our vision for our church is to have 5000 meals and moments with those that are near to us but far from God. If you have a story to share stop by the wall this Sunday, take a screw out to mark it and we will celebrate it with you!

Current Count!

Stories of the Wall

This Wall is part of the DNA of our church. Our desire is to pursue people who are near to us but far from God on our own, and then to celebrate those movements together as the body of Christ!
Scroll through some of the recent stories below!

M brought his friend C to Winter Fest! The whole family got a chance to have fun with our church and hear the Gospel. They enjoyed it way more than they thought they would, and although they’ve never considered attending a church before, they have in interest in attending one for the first time!

P continues to invest in K’s (youth) life through mentorship. Through difficult family situations, P represents the Gospel by loving and guiding K, and continually telling him about the power of Jesus, and what it looks to follow Him.

M went and hiked the “M” with his buddy J from small group, and got invited to go back and meet his parents and hang out afterwords. M got to chat with him a lot, and encourage him to begin actively pursuing faith.

C (youth) had a birthday party, decided to pray about which friends she should invite. She¬†ended up having lots of cool moments building deeper connections with friends that don’t know Jesus!

J talked about his cancer journey with someone else going through the same struggle – he was able to share what God had done in his life through that time. The same week, he was able to have that conversation with another friend who is a believer in the Mormon faith.

R (elementary) brought his friend E to church to go to Awana and memorized verses together – he’d never been to a church before, and loved it. He wants to go again! E views Bible characters as superheroes, and on the ride back, R and his mom explaining to him how they’re different, and super cool, like Moses.

J knows the people who started the pagan church in Missoula and had dinner with the founder (on his 15th book tour about his pagan beliefs) and two high priests. Had good discussions about faith, open, but neither able to discount the argument of the other.